Monday, April 25, 2016

Episode 2 Skyping

Educating Jo
Episode 2

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Educating Jo Episode 2 "Skyping"

Here is the outline I used to make the video!
2. Skyping
Hey Jo, This week I’m going to talk to you about skyping in the classroom.


I love to connect my students with experts from around the world. It gives me and my students a chance to meet some awesome scientists from around the world. Today I want to explain why I skype, how I set them up, and some stories from my skyping experiences.

  1. Why skype?
    1. Model networking skills
    2. Nightmare-Won’t like science because they don’t like me.
      1. Inspire female students to pursue science.
    3. Science in high school is the most boring science out there.
    4. Keeps me excited as a teacher. Live vicariously.
    5. Students like it.
  2. How skype?
    1. Make a graphic on Canva
    2. Tweet it out to twitter and see if anyone responds
    3. Find people you think would be great and DM or email them.
      1. Shocking how scientists are happy to explain their passion!
    4. Email back and forth
    5. Practice skype
  3. Stories
    1. Cephalopods Dr. Kat Bolstad superstar (top of the field) squid vs octopus
    2. Brachiopods Zoey Hughes museum curator unappreciated animals
    3. Zebrafish Adam Carte researcher using zebrafish for research
    4. Millipedes Derek Hennen describing species adaptations
    5. Sharks Lyndell Bade development
    6. Loons Amber Hart citizen science breeding ground vs wintering grounds

Highlight of the week: Recording student presentations
Struggle of the week: Attendance
Activity of the week: Competition Share Out

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Episode 1 "Teaching Philosophy"

Educating Jo

Episode 1
"Teaching Philosophy"

I hope you enjoy my first episode of Educating Jo. For the best viewing experience you can watch this video on YouTube. Educating Jo Ep 1 "Teaching Philosophy"

Here is the outline I used to make the video.

Preview: Hey Jo, This week I’m going to talk to you about my teaching philosophy.


I decided to talk about my teaching philosophy for the first episode of Educating Jo, because it helps everything I do make sense. This will be a synopsis of my views in general and I will go into more detail in future episodes. My philosophy can be broken into 3 main categories.

  1. Students are AWESOME!
    1. They are the reason I got into education and are capable of doing amazing things when put in the right situation.
    2. Help them enjoy science, so they can shine
      1. Its hard reach your potential w
      2. hen you are miserable
      3. Make them more likely to view science positively in the future when it matters.

  1. Because students are awesome, it’s my job to show them off.
    1. Being transparent (having a window into my classroom)
    2. Led to the creation of this vlog.
    3. Let parents or other people who care see what is happening in school and why
    4. Someone will tell the story of school, shouldn’t it be the teachers?
      1. Examples: student blogs, using twitter, recording presentations

  1. Provide students with skills they will need for later in life.
    1. Most students won’t go into a science field, what are they gaining in my class?
    2. Collaboration, verbal communication, written communication, networking

Highlight of the week: telling my students that we are expecting!
Struggle of the week: Punnett squares and grading
Activity of the week: blood type mystery.

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