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Episode 4: I do, We do, Y'all do, You do.


Episode 4
"I do, We do, Y'all do, You do
I hope you enjoy episode 4 of Educating Jo about this engagement strategy! Please share with anyone you think might be interested and I would love to see your comments here or on the YouTube channel! Thanks for watching!

Link to YouTube video: Click Here
Link to playlist with various examples: I do, We do, Y'all do, You do Playlist

Here is the outline I used to make the video!

4. I do, We do, Y’all Do, You Do
Hey Jo, this week I’m going to talk to you about one of my favorite engagement strategies, I do, We do, y’all do, You do!
During the last month of school it can be difficult to keep students engaged and focused on learning. I thought it would be a good idea to share one of my best techniques. This is particularly useful when I am teaching or demonstrating a complex concept in Biology. It’s pretty self explanatory, but I’ll explain why I like this strategy and give some examples of times I’ve used it.
  1. Overview
    1. I do=demonstrating an example
    2. We do=students helping me do an example
    3. Y’all do= talking with a partner or group to do the example
    4. You do=test or assignment(prove you can do it on your own)
  2. Why I like the strategy.
    1. Right amount of examples.
Too many examples leaves most of the class bored and unengaged.
      • Too few examples leaves most of the class confused and frustrated.
    • Differentiate the learning
      • This helps the me differentiate the lesson. After the I do,during the we do, students gain confidence helping me do the next example.
      • Self reflection→ do I understand the material well enough for the you do part?
      • Toward the end of the year classes will say “we can skip the we do, I’m ready to explain” or “can we do the We do part again because I still don’t understand it enough.
      • Peer teaching: those that do understand it hone their learning by teaching their classmates = best way to learn. Students learn better from their peers than from the teacher.
  • Examples
    1. Making videos of replication, transcription and translation.
      • I show it.
      • Students pick their role and we go through the part together.
      • Students practice their parts and the classmates assist as needed
      • If we have time we scramble parts so everyone learns every part.
      • I film the final activity and upload the video to Youtube (study material)
    2. Absolute dating
      • I do an example of dating a rock using ½ lives.
      • I do another example where my students walk me through the process.
      • They do several with their table partners. If both struggle they find another group to explain it to them.
      • They need to be able to do it on their own for the assignment and the test.
Highlight of the week: student choice about stars.
Struggle: Controversial Topic
Activity: Fossil Correlation

Outro: I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and feel free to share, like, comment and subscribe! To all the other Educating Joes out there, have a great week teaching!

Thank you for checking out my project! Feel free to leave comments about examples where you have used the strategy or any questions you might have!

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